Privacy statement

We understand there are additional concerns with accessing virtual content and connecting over the internet. We will do our best to protect your privacy, within our capabilities. 


Here’s our privacy statement:


Workshops & Webinars

  1. Our sessions are hosted on Livestorm. Read their privacy policy here.

  2. All sessions will be recorded with the exception of;

    1. Processing and therapy groups

    2. Kids and youth content that requires interaction

    3. Sessions where the speaker(s)/facilitator(s) requests non-recording

  3. Recordings are stored in the cloud 

  4. Recordings are made accessible to all who have paid or been given access to Stratagem Virtual 

  5. Each session will have at least two volunteers and staff members who will be monitoring access and chats

  6. The Stratagem Virtual team reserves the right to remove anyone from an online space; please read our community guidelines for more information.



Potential Risks


  1. Due to the security risks of sending information over the Internet, the confidentiality of any engagement over the Internet cannot be guaranteed. 

  2. We are not able to independently determine the adequacy of the programs that we use for online sessions, but we do follow professional recommendations for the services that we use.

  3. Technology always poses challenges; we recognize that there may be glitches, delays and difficulties along the process and we ask for your patience in this 


Attendee Information


  1. Upon registering for Stratagem Virtual with your email, you consent to receiving emails from us so we can keep you updated on important information about the conference

  2. In accordance with CASL (Canada’s Anti Spam Law), you may unsubscribe at any time (bearing in mind you may miss pertinent information about the conference such as schedule changes, giveaways and bonus content)

  3. Your email address will remain on our Stratagem mailing list unless you unsubscribe

  4. Your email address and all other contact information will remain confidential