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Love Your Hue: The Hue Public Relations Firm Founder Stéphanie Princivil on Brand Diversity


While brands strive to appeal to the masses, there is one group that is often underrepresented or forgotten entirely: minorities. Stéphanie Princivil created The Hue Public Relations in response to this disparity. “I was inspired to build my public relations firm to help some of our favorite brands communicate to the audience they serve – which is widely diverse,” she explains. “As a publicist, I am often the only woman of colour sitting at the table, pushing to implement a fresh perspective and new narrative that reflects our society.”

Inclusion is at the core of Princivil’s aims. "The Hue is a global public relations and integrated communications agency focused on diversity and inclusion. Our approach extends far beyond traditional editorial coverage, with the belief that beauty and lifestyle brands require not only smart and innovative public relation campaigns but also fresh ideas in image development, brand positioning and creative consulting that allows them to connect with various communities.”

This lack of diversity is especially prevalent with beauty and lifestyle brands. “It has often been documented that women of colour feel as though beauty and lifestyle brands do not communicate to their respective community as they should, which can affect the trust between the two,” she explains. “I am trying to bridge the gap by creating a safe space for communities to be heard and brands to receive and address these issues or questions head-on by launching campaigns that hold an actual message.”

However, the lack of minority involvement in the decision-making process makes diversification difficult to facilitate. “It’s challenging to address specific points where there are no people of colour involved in decision making that could help address these issues.” Princivil's proposed solution? Creating a more inclusive community. “Organizations need to include people from various backgrounds, ethnicities and possibly socioeconomic statuses in decision-making positions to help develop a structured atmosphere built on trust and respect.”

While the industry still has a ways to go, Princivil founded Love Your Hue in hopes of continuing this conversation. “Love Your Hue is a global summit dedicated to empowering and providing women entrepreneurs of colour with opportunities by breaking existing barriers and opening doors to access, mentorships and resources so they can thrive independently, contribute to society by pushing the economy forward and transform their ecosystem,” she explains. “We exist to help women embrace their HUE, which, we believe stands for the Hopeful and Unshakeable – Everyday.”

For more information, please visit www.loveyourhue.co.

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