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Here's an e-mail template to ask your boss to pay for Stratagem

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Have you been eye-ing Stratagem over the past few weeks? Not sure how to find funds to attend? We have a solution for you!

Stratagem is designed to be a professional development conference. No matter your role or industry, there's value in attending a conference designed to improve workplace culture. It's no secret that everyone can benefit from more equitable and inclusive work environments and the more members of your team that attend, the better off the whole organization will be.

Professional development opportunities not only help you as a worker but enhance the capacity of your organization.

We've put together a template email that you can share with your team and request professional development funds to cover your ticket:

Hi <boss's name>,

I've come across this diversity and inclusion conference called Stratagem, taking place September 27th-29th at UBC, Vancouver.

The conference is a 2.5 day summit that helps companies and organizations, regardless of industry, to commit to workplace justice, equity and inclusion.

Key Take-aways:

How to build radically inclusive workplaces

How to recognize and break down systemic barriers to inclusion

How to do meaningful community engagement

How to work through conflict, privilege & cultural difference

New policies, strategies, organizational values + comms content (@ the LABS)

I think this would be a great opportunity myself. I am also really excited to bring back not only my learnings but also a tangible, strategic plan for the organization. There's so much more information on the website including speakers, accessibility and schedules.

It's recommended that delegates attend in teams of at least two, so I would like to suggest that <colleague> and <colleague> come with me! We're eager learners, great note-takers and avid listeners so I guarantee this opportunity will ripple across the entire organization.

Thanks for the consideration,

<future Stratagem delegate>

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