• Cicely Blain

Completely Inclusive Founder Kelly Johnson on Uplifting Disabled Folk through Open-mindedness


Completely Inclusive is an initiative that advocates for the increased representation of disabled folk. Founder, Kelly Johnson was inspired by her own experiences. “My own disability self-advocacy became a way for me to make the path easier for others,” she explains. “I teach businesses how to be inclusive and accommodating to diverse and disabled people.”

Society’s limited awareness of the realities faced by marginalized groups is something Johnson hopes to address. “There is a lot of fear, ignorance and a lack of understanding in society,” she goes on. “I am trying to break down these barriers and bridge the divide by empowering people with knowledge.” Her efforts to facilitate change have seen some challenges, one of which being the length of time it takes to do so. “It’s a very slow process to effect change. A lot of businesses do not realize the gains they can get from employing diverse people.”

Johnson believes change starts with an open mind. “I’m trying to change minds one person at a time, which I hope becomes one workplace culture at a time, which becomes all of society.”

Kelly Johnson will be a keynote speaker at the upcoming Autism Job Club conference this November in Burlington, ON.

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