• Cicely Blain

Cold Tea Collective’s Natasha Jung on the Importance of Increased Asian Millennial Representation


Natasha Jung, Founder of Cold Tea Collective

While mainstream media has seen an increase in Asian representation as of late, there is still a ways to go. Natasha Jung’s Cold Tea Collective is a platform that encourages the continued telling of Asian stories. “We share stories for, by, and about Asian millennials across the Asian diaspora, not just East Asian.” Jung was inspired to create this initiative after recognizing the “lack of representation of Asian stories” and the way in which that impacts identity.

Still, the challenges faced by Asian millennials are abundant, among them being the persisting lack of representation in media, lack of authentic storytelling, and the preconceptions based on ethnicity. Given these setbacks, Jung says “finding brave people who wish to share their own personal stories of overcoming challenges” has been hard to come by, and rightfully so. Jung encourages communities to rethink their understanding of diversity, noting how imperative it is to “ensure that diversity also means ethnic diversity” and that Asian millennials be given “a platform to share their stories, unfiltered.”

Cold Tea Collective’s fall theme is Asians in business and entrepreneurship. Details to come!

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