Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you make Stratagem a virtual conference?

While we loved gathering in person and connecting with so many amazing people at Stratagem 2019, we have made the decision to make this year’s conference a virtual experience. 


With the impacts of COVID-19 meaning that all large gatherings are cancelled and social distancing is a necessity to keep everyone safe, we have switched gears and put all of our hard work into bringing you the best possible virtual conference. 


Even though our conference is typically held in September, it is hard (even for scientists) to predict if things will be back to ‘normal’ by the fall. As a small business, we couldn’t take the risk of booking venues, catering and other conference essentials only to have to cancel at the last minute. So, we made the decision to put Stratagem online!

Can I get a refund?

Refunds will be available until June 30th. Once the conference begins, we will not issue refunds. If there are extenuating circumstances, we are happy to talk things through with you. 


How will you ensure privacy during virtual sessions?

Please read our privacy statement!


What if I can’t afford the ticket price?

We have a few affordability options available:


  • We have 25 scholarships available - please complete the scholarship application form

  • You can volunteer in exchange for a ticket - please apply to volunteer

  • We are offering all of our content for free for streaming in prisons, detention centres, shelters, group homes and care facilities 

  • We have a plethora of free content also available in the form of our social media, podcast and resources


What does ‘gifts from liberation’ mean?

Our theme for Stratagem Virtual 2020 is Gifts from Liberation. Liberation is a collective effort towards freedom from oppressive systems. In the search for liberation, activists across the world and throughout history have tirelessly innovated, created, designed and redesigned movements, ideas and structures that bring us all closer to freedom. As a team of activists and social justice professionals, we want to bridge the gap between activism and the professional world. We want to give and receive the gifts of liberation.  


Who is organizing this event?

This event is organized by Cicely Blain Consulting, a diversity and inclusion consulting company in Vancouver, BC. Meet the Team.


FAQ for attendees

I missed Intro Week, how can I watch?

If you missed Intro Week, all of the sessions will be available for purchase on the shop on our website by July 1st , including closed captions and some also include amazing graphic recording by Corrina Keeling.


If you bought a ticket to Intro Week and missed, please message an organizer with your e-mail address and we will give you access.

I bought the Bonus Content add-on but missed an Intro Week session and forgot to register in advance, how can I watch?

If you didn’t register in advance, although you bought the Bonus Content add-on, the recording will not play when you open the link. Simply email us at and we will send you a working link!


How do I register for sessions?

On Whova, on the phone app and the web app, you will see an 'Agenda' - this is where all the sessions are. 


  • Click on the session you want to attend and click 'add to my agenda' (this is especially important for sessions that have a cap on attendees)

  • Click the link to the livestream which will take you to Livestorm

  • On Livestorm, enter your name and email address and a photo if you like

  • We recommend doing this about 10 minutes before a session starts (or as much in advance as you like) because it will then send you an email with the link. This additional step is helpful as a security measure.

  • A small number of sessions are Zoom 'Meetings' to allow for interactivity (such as the ReGroups)


I registered on Livestorm but I don’t see anything in my inbox.

  • First, try checking your spam or junk folder. 

  • Then, try searching ‘Livestorm’ in your inbox.

  • If neither of those work, you may need to register for the webinar (on Livestorm, not Whova) with a different email address


How do I access Whova on my desktop or laptop?

When it comes to watching sessions, you can access Whova via the web app with this link.


How do I message other people?

To chat, upload pictures and connect with other Stratagizers, the mobile app is best. Download here.

How can I get support from your team?

  • You can post questions in the ‘Ask the Organizer’ thread

    • Before emailing or posting in the 'Ask the Organizer' thread, please check the thread, scroll up and see if your question has been answered.

  • You can email us for tech support at

    • We may take up to 48 hours to respond as we are a small team and there are over 700 attendees in this virtual conference.

If we have tried our best and exhausted our efforts to help you, but you are still experiencing difficulties, please reach out to Whova customer support or Livestorm customer support. We will of course try our best to troubleshoot with you, but if the issue is beyond our capabilities, they may be able to to assist you faster.

I purchased the ‘Wellness and Joy’ add-on, how do I access those sessions?

If you purchased the 'Wellness & Joy Add-On' you should see Access sessions (orange label) and Wellness & Joy sessions (purple label) available to you in the agenda. If this is not the case, please let us know.

How do I access Kids and Youth content?

If you purchased an access ticket for a Kid or Youth but they do not have their own email address or access to Whova, please get in touch with us so we can add it to your account.

If you registered them with their own email address, they will be able to access the same as you.

How do I re-watch a session?


  • To watch a session you missed, simply click on the session in the agenda and click 'watch video'

  • A small number of sessions will not be recorded at the speaker's request; these will be indicated in their description boxes.


How do I get support?


  • To ask a question to the organizers, head to the thread call 'Ask the Organizers' - check if your question has already been asked before asking. We'll get back to you within a few hours.

  • During a session, you will have access to technical volunteers and active listeners. 

  • You can call on them by requesting them in the chat (on Livestorm, while watching a webinar) and they will support you the best they can.


What are Processing Pods?


As mentioned, Processing Pods are 8-person virtual meeting rooms, open 24/7 that folks can hop into and chat or debrief a session or use at any time with up to 7 other Stratagizers. These spaces are not facilitated or moderated so please use with consideration.


We have created existing Pods that are both general and also some that are centred around identity e.g. Black only or trans and non-binary only. Please respect these spaces.


You can find the links to these Pods in the community thread called 'Processing Pods'. You can also request a new pod be made for you and your community.


How do I access closed captioning?


All adult educational content has closed captioning. In every session, this link will be shared. 


Can I change the language on Livestorm?


Livestorm currently offers 25 language translations and counting, in case that you want to select another language for your webinar.  They will translate your registration page, webinar room, and emails to your selected language. Currently all our sessions are in English but you can change the language of the platform.



The making of this conference, and the broader work of Cicely Blain Consulting and our co-conspirators takes place on stolen, unceded, and occupied Indigenous land including, but not limited to the land of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations. 

© 2019-2020 Stratagem. Brought to you by Cicely Blain Consulting.

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